seeds of thought

So the first thing I hear this morning when I get out of bed is the word “Seed”.

Seed I repeat to myself, and I look outside as the snow is flying, seeds well hmmmm.

Then I stop and think about it for a minute and listen in the awakening of a winter’s morning as I step outside to a quiet hush…only the wind and the sound of the snow as it sticks to the trees surrounds me…otherwise not a sound.

Seeds… plant one and as it rests it begins to take root. Sometimes it may take a season or two to come into bloom, yet the entire time that occurs after that seed is planted it is busy creating and stirring with life.

Much the same can be said of ideas, thoughts, hopes, dreams… they are all seeds that can be planted. One by one as they begin to take root and grow, they can be instruments of change, instruments of Peace, of Love, of Hope and Faith.

They can be a single word or a group of words, they can be intention to do or be. Whatever or however they are created, we have the ability to clean the gardens in our own lives. We can weed out the bad and weak seeds, the things that are not strong, healthy and balanced and then nurture and maintain the stronger ones. The seeds we plant now are for a future, for ourselves and others. As Human we each begin as a seed and it then takes a lifetime to grow and achieve, to become who we are meant to be…

cornseed and plant

Think about it for a second, take a simple seed of corn, when it is planted and then grows, it can feed people in the present and also provide food for the future by reseeding. An Oak seed, small in the beginning can grow into a mighty oak tree. Our Sacred Cedar trees, all know when it is the right time to reseed themselves, they understand the need to continue in a positive way in order to survive.


Even our thoughts, hopes and Dreams are like Seeds, they are Seeds of Thought…simply waiting for us and the Universe to help guide them so that they can grow in the proper way, a good way… a more Positive way!

So today take a moment and think about the seeds you are planting, the seeds you may have already planted. Go and tend to that garden of You… and make sure the seeds you have planted grow strong and positive, so that they may feed not only you, but provide for a healthier world for all of us.

Many blessings,

~ bear Medicinewalker

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3 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. Seeds of man must be nurtured and loved to form a compassionate , loving person thus planting the seeds of hope, faith, and belief in all things , seeds do form the whole of life . Seeds to nourish the mind, the body and nature, there are many types of seed and the seed of thought is mighty powerful, plant the seed of thought wisely for upon it a nation grows .

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